Jesus, please be all

Jesus, be my light
Jesus, be my guide
Jesus, be my protector
Jesus, be my lover
Jesus, be my keeper
Jesus, be my comforter
Jesus, be the wiper of my tears
Jesus, be my sun in the day
Jesus, be my stars in the night
Jesus, be my rainbow after the rain
Jesus, be my endless sea of love
Jesus, be my guard
Jesus, be my fortress
Jesus, be my truth
Jesus, be my source of joy
Jesus, be the air that I breathe
Jesus, be the only word I could say it from my mouth
Jesus, be the only memory I could remember
Jesus, be the consuming fire
Jesus, be the only loudest voice I could hear
Jesus, be my listener
Jesus, be my Lord
Jesus, be my King
Jesus, be the only person in the whole word whom I live with

Jesus, please be all that I could think of
Jesus, please be all that I could not think of

There is so much I’m asking from you, Jesus
and it’s all because You are the only one who has it all, provide all and reign over everything.



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