Has Jesus ever gotten bored with our praise and worship?

I’m just wondering, if we keep singing, praising and worshipping God every day, at every nearest opportunity with our voice, with lots of various songs, well, will God ever get bored listening to our singing, praising and worshipping?

Has he ever gotten tired of us?

Then, an answer pop up in my mind.

He is love, He love us so much. He is the one and only who creates all the days of our life. He will never get too tired to listen to us singing for Him. He creates days and one of the purpose of being blessed with each and every day in our life is enabling us to thank Him for every single thing in life. Singing HIM with praise and worship is just one way to thank Him and express our gratitude and love to Jesus. Why would he get so tired listening to us, His very own creation that is made perfectly in the image of Him?

Lord Jesus Christ, may our praise and worship – expressed through our singing and songs- forever be the sweetest and the most fragrant offering to You


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