New Year Resolution #1: Speak His Name Publicly

Whosoever therefore shall confess before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven – Matthew 10:32

I stumbled upon this video today. In an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Mark Wahlberg openly talks about his catholic faith. Mark is a famous Hollywood actor. In this interview, Mark is doing what we call ‘evangelisation’. He is spreading the good news! What a one in a million! Mark publicly profess his faith. He openly states that he goes to catholic church everyday to pray on his own and attends daily mass when possible! Wow, that is amazing!
By answering Piers’ question on what prayer brings him, Mark is evangelizing those who watch the video. This is his answer,”(prayers) should bring you a very clear focus on what’s important, expressing my gratitude for all the blessings that been bestowed upon me and a reminder every day of what I need to do anything to focus on what I need, to stay away from.”

And this is his answer when asked what he pray for,”I pray to be a good servant to God a father, a husband assign a friend brother uncle, a good neighbor a good leader those who look up to me and a good follower, to those that serve a God and doing the right thing people that I can look up to.”

Many times, I still find catholics being reluctant to profess their faith. Be proud! Profess your faith and be fearless as a catholic. Some catholics are reluctant to pray before they eat their meal when dining out. They pray but they don’t make the sign of the cross. And when catholics see others fellow catholics make the sign of the cross and pray before they eat in a restaurant, they will say,”oh look. they’re catholics!” or they could say that in a cynical way,”Why do they make sign of cross publicly anyway? To be boastful about being catholic?” Well, i am not making this up because I used to be this kind of catholics!

When you profess your faith publicly, pronounce Jesus clearly! Speak His Name! I went to a catholic healing rally recently and was a bit disappointed when two catholic public figures serving as MC hardly said JESUS during their speech. They gave some minor testimonies about Jesus but they hardly mentioned HIS beautiful name. They kept refferring Him with the word GOD. If you are catholic, and Jesus Christ is your GOD and your saviour, then never hesitate to pronounce His name out loud and clearly! The name of Jesus Christ has power when you speak of it! It has healing power, it has power to get rid of evil. Say it out loud.

Christian faith is never an entirely private matter, said Pope Benedict XVI once. “I cannot construct my personal faith in a private dialogue with Jesus, because faith is given to me by God through a believing community which is the Church.” He reminded his audience of the words of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Believing is an ecclesial act. The Church’s faith precedes, engenders, supports and nourishes our faith.” New Year is only days away. Do you have new year resolution already? Well, make this your new year resolution. Profess His Name. Speak it out loud. Be fearless telling others that you are catholic and Jesus is your saviour and God.

Watch this video and you will now what we are as catholics. Be proud as a catholic and just like the name of my blog here may you also be happy to be catholic!

Dear friends, may no adversity paralyse you. Be afraid neither of the world, nor of the future, nor of your weakness. The Lord has allowed you to live in this moment of history so that by your faith, his name will continue to resound throughout the world. – Pope Benedict XVI


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