Hey Jesus, take me and let’s play!

i love children. I love babies! I think they’re the cutest creatures in the world and I would consider babies, children are God’s masterpieces. 

I never thought myself as a person who loves children so much and loves being with them, spending time with them. Not until I have two wonderful children. One boy and one girl. What a perfect combination. In fact, I pray that one day soon God allows me to meet my future spouse and have more children! 
What do I see in babies and children?  They’re cute.  They’re chubby.  They’re funny and expressive.  Their laughter brings so much joy.  I wouldn’t mind going back to the past to the day I gave birth to Galih, my son and also Langgam, my daughter.  They’re my precious and I still think they’re my babies even though they are now already teenagers! Time flies real fast!
Children bright up the room in our life.  They bring noise that we find peaceful.  They do silly things that make you laugh so hard, even until you cry! No wonder, Jesus use children as an example of His teaching on today’s gospel.
Then he took a little child, placed him in their midst, and putting his arms around him, he said to them,”Whoever welcomes a child such as this in my name, welcome me; and whoever welcomes me, welcomes not me but the One who sent me.” (Mark 9:36-37)
Today, I learn a lot from His Word….
Why not welcome Jesus just like the first time you see and hold your baby in your arms after giving birth to them? 
Why not let Jesus come into your life, as if you have been away from your child for some times and now you cannot wait to hug them as they meet you up at the airport? Embrace, hug Jesus tightly and never let Him go.
Why not play with Jesus, have an adventurous journey with Him everyday, just like how your children ask you to play with them?
Just like your child’s first time calling you “momma” and you burst into tears, embrace and hug Jesus for He calls you by your very own name and He longs to be with you.
Just like your child’s enthusiastic attitude and playful mood bring warm smile for your day, today come to Jesus and invite Him into your daily life for in Him you will find joy and you will smile the whole day and the whole night.
So from now on, I am going to open up my heart and say, Hi Jesus! Take me and let’s play! 
God bless you and me. 



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