My Lenten Journey: It’s about His Path, Not My Path

can i give up my Path and follow His Path instead?

can i give up my Path and follow His Path instead?

It all started yesterday, when I read the latest edition of our parish prayer community’s internal magazine. Apparently, there is this page, written by my friend, Rika Wirya dedicated on people’s opinions on what they are giving up on during this Lenten season. I was laughing so hard reading my own statement,”I really want to give up on my Path, that social media app on my iPhone but it seems I cannot do it!.So I give up meat on Friday and no snacks on that day as well.”
Rika actually asked me that very question, and I thought she was just gathered some information for her writing and I never thought that very statement would be on the magazine as it was! Now the whole world knows I am still hooked on status updates, photosharing as well as enjoying my friends’ timeline on Path!

Later that afternoon a dear friend of mine asked me if I am ready to give up our chatting session. We have been having our regular online chatting with wide range of topics from daily stuff, latest news (yes, we did have our theory of the disappearance of that MH370), great music, bible and church teachings. It was quite a challenge but somehow I did say yes to his offer. We decide we can still chat but we will reduce the quantity of our chatting session. I sort of told him that I was even thinking of giving up my social activity especially when I am using PATH on my iPhone. (Yes, I am a Path avid user. I wake up opening my Path and reading my friends’ posts. I take pictures everywhere I go, food pics, selfies and tons of pics and upload it on Path. I comment and love my friends’ posts on Path. And yes, Path is my habit. I am attached to it. This should be my number 1 on my Lenten abstinence list!!) He encouraged me to do so and I ended up saying yes to both of the initiatives. Giving up on online chatting and social media activity (which in my case is giving up on Path!). How about my other social media? I have Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Well, I don’t use much Facebook and twitter these days,let alone instagram so here is what I think about abstinence on Lenten season. I think it’s about giving up on things that you have been so used to, something you get attached to it. Something that you find it hard not to do with it just for one day. Next on my list, is coffee. And I am working so hard not to drink coffee on friday.

Three years ago, I decided to give up twitter for the whole 40-days during Lenten season and it worked out alright. Three years ago, Path didn’t even exist. And I was a heavy twitter user. Friends and followers of mine were asking why I didn’t tweet much. But I did manage to explain to them the reason why I gave up on twitting back then.

So what will happen when I don’t do any of Path stuff? I guess this is what Lent is all about. Letting go of the flesh, accepting the conversion and experience the repentance. I still have no idea what I am trying to achieve here but giving up on Path and only allowing myself two-hour maximum of using Path per day should teach me the meaning of letting go and getting rid of flesh. Maybe instead of updating my path with my moments in my life, I should experience great moment with Him and write them in His Path. I wonder what Jesus’ path account would be like? Of course I want HIM to include myself in each and every of His moment or activity. Jesus checks in at The Adoration Chapel with Fanny. Jesus is listening to His Mother’s Magnificat with Fanny. And it’d be an honour if Jesus took selfie pic with me and tagged me as well!!

Maybe, just maybe. All I want is to just to experience how overwhelming, how beautiful and how amazing it is to fall in love with Him. To be in love with Jesus again and again, to hold hands with Him, to walk with and hold Him so tight! To take all matter in this heart of mine, like His Mother. Maybe it’s about retreating. Detaching yourself from the noise of the social media world and enjoy the solitude in His Word, His teachings. I know Lenten season started more than a week ago. But, it’s never too late to start all over again, right?

And perhaps this Lenten season is not about my Path anymore, it is about his Path…. Because this is the beauty of a paradox. Sometimes, to create closer proximity and deeper intensity, you need to sacrifice and experience some detachment process.

And in the end, the reason might be so simple….. More of His Path, and less of my path……

More of You, Jesus.
and less of me.

I love this song by Jesus Culture, COME AWAY. It’s never too late to come away with Jesus. Take me Jesus to Your Path!


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