My name is Fanny Rahmasari. I am born Catholic to Catholic parents. Both of my parents were born Catholic as well. I practiced Catholic just as my parents taught me, going to Sunday Mass every weekend, praying before meals, praying before going to bed and when waking up in the morning, praying novena to Saint Mary,going to confession at least once a year. My parents never forced me to join any catholic community service. In fact, i tried not to get involved in any catholic community. I had never liked any catholic charismatic renewal activities (in fact, i used to think it was ridiculous to find there was chatolic charismatic mass) until i went to a Baptism in the Spirit Retreat, held in a Carmelite Retreat Centre in West Jave, Indonesia. My spiritual life wasn’t transformed completely. It went through stages, many stumbling down, rise and fall here and there. I decided to participate in the Baptism in the Spirit Seminar in 2009, followed by Basic Christian Maturity Seminar in the same year, both held in my local parish church in West Jakarta, Indonesia. After finishing Baptism in the Spirit Seminar, i have then been coming regularly to the prayer group in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Community in the parish where I belong. In 2010, I took Catholic Evangelization training, specially held for catholic executives living in Jakarta, Indonesia. After finishing the training, I have been actively involved in many catholic events in Jakarta held by Shekinah Catholic Charismatic Centre (part of the Archdiocese of Jakarta). Late 2010, I officially became part of the Charismatic Prayer Group Team serving in my parish and church.

I am a single mother of two pre-teenage children. I believe my repentance journey and born-again catholic experience has brought salvation to my less than perfect little family. Just as it is written in Acts 16:31 “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.” I also believed that God has made everything perfect in His timing according to His will that he first saved me first from my spiritual dryness and brought me to repentance and finally showered me with new life in the Spirit and blessed me with many spiritual fruits and gifts. My two children now are also serving the church by being the altar boy and girl.


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